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Ichiroʼs is not just a sake retailer/wholesaler but a developer of local Japanese sake in collaboration with local sake brewers. It also exports local brand sake and liqueurs. What’s more, it even organizes brewery tours so that world’s sake lovers can experience the Japanese sake culture and enrich their lifestyle.

Original Products with Selected Ingredients:
Matured or Fashionable

― Unique Sake and Liqueurs You Should Try ―

Premier Vintage Sake: Ultimate Daiginjo Matured and Cooled for Ages

Matured Daiginjo TOVINTAGE

Experience the exciting encounter with a hint of maturity and rich taste of ultimate Daiginjo sake, the fruit of collaboration between Muromachi Brewery and Ichiroʼs.
■Brewery:Muromachi Shuzo
■Ingredients:Rice , Rice Koji , Distlled Alcohol
■Rice Type:Omachimai
■Rice-polishing Rate:40%

Small Sized TOVINTAGE to Casually Entertain Two Persons

Affordable Matured Daiginjo TOVINTAGE

This is good for a couple. Pamper your partner with the comforting Ginjo-flavor and rich taste.
■Brewery:Muromachi Shuzo
■Ingredients:Rice , Rice Koji , Distlled Alcohol
■Rice Type:Omachimai
■Rice-polishing Rate:40%

Minted Liqueur of Fresh Rich Fruit Juice with Legendary Japanese Mint


Enjoy these refreshing liqueurs with a hint of the Japanese mint grown free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in Okayama, the sun shine state.
■Rice Type:Fruit juice , Rice Shochu , Fructose, Mint Extract, Vitamin C
■Alc:7 ~ 8%

・Whole and retail sale
・Product development
Brewery tour

Consult Ichiro Hiramatsu, Sake Concierge

In 2014, Ichiro Hiramatsu, the appointed third president of the company set a goal to be the only sake seller fully dedicated to search a fine liquor in the world. He renamed the company “Okayamaʼs Local Sake Creator” in the spirit of creating a fine liquor. The company develops new products, organizes sake brewery tours and proposes many other ways to enjoy sake.
○ SSI International-licensed International Sake Taster
○ Japan Sommelier Association-certified sommelier